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How do you use the word disheartening?

How do you use the word disheartening?

What is the meaning of the word of disheartening? Definition of dishearten

transitive verb. : to cause to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage : to cause to lose spirit or morale were disheartened by the news.

Does disheartened mean sad? As adjectives the difference between sad and disheartened

is that sad is (label) sated, having had one’s fill; satisfied, weary while disheartened is discouraged, despairing.

Will you be disheartened? If you are disheartened, you feel disappointed about something and have less confidence or less hope about it than you did before. He was disheartened by their hostile reaction.

How do you use the word disheartening? – FAQ

What is the prefix of disheartening?

Breaking disheartening down to its parts, you can see the dis- prefix, meaning “not” or “take away,” and the figurative heart, “good feelings or courage.” While a heartening message from your pen pal cheers you up, anything disheartening does the opposite.

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Is there such a word as saddened?

Meaning of saddened in English

to make someone sad: [ + to infinitive ] It saddens me to think that we’ll never see her again. We are deeply saddened by this devastating tragedy.

What is the synonym of saddened?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sadden, like: break one’s heart, bum-out, get one down, depress, taken-aback, oppress, burden, crush, subdue, tone down and upset.

How would you describe a disheartened person?

If you are disheartened, you feel disappointed about something and have less confidence or less hope about it than you did before. He was disheartened by their hostile reaction. Synonyms: discouraged, depressed, crushed, dismayed More Synonyms of disheartened.

What does being dismayed mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to lose courage or resolution (as because of alarm or fear) must not let ourselves be dismayed by the task before us. 2 : upset, perturb were dismayed by the condition of the building. dismay. noun.

Is Disenheartened a word?


To cause to lose hope or enthusiasm; dispirit.

What does Dont be disheartened mean?

When you’re disheartened, you feel discouraged or let down. It’s easy to become disheartened if the grades on your report card don’t reflect the hard work and dedication you exerted.

Is heartened meaning?

Definition of ‘hearten’

If someone is heartened by something, it encourages them and makes them cheerful. He will have been heartened by the opinion poll published yesterday. [ be VERB-ed] The news heartened everybody. [ VERB noun]

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What is the prefix and suffix of dishearten?

Uncracking the code of the verb dishearten couldn’t be easier. Just take it apart, and it quickly reveals its meaning. Dis- is a prefix that means “not, un-, take away.” Heart in its figurative sense means love, care, and good feelings.

What is the difference between sad and saddened?

The word sad is an adjective. Example : Sad movies always make me cry. And saddened is a verb, either the past tense or past participle of sadden.

How do you use saddened in a sentence?

Examples of sadden in a Sentence

We were saddened to see how ill she looks. She was saddened over the death of her friend. Her face saddened when she heard the news.

What is a synonym for deeply?

greatly, enormously, extremely, very much, to a great degree, to a great extent. strongly, powerfully, profoundly, intensely, keenly, sharply, acutely. thoroughly, completely, entirely. severely, awfully, terribly, painfully, desperately. informal well, seriously, majorly, jolly, oh-so.

What is the synonym of grieve?

Some common synonyms of grief are anguish, regret, sorrow, and woe. While all these words mean “distress of mind,” grief implies poignant sorrow for an immediate cause.

What part of speech is saddened?

SADDENED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does it mean to be bleak?

Definition of bleak

1 : exposed and barren and often windswept a bleak landscape bleak soils. 2 : cold, raw a bleak November evening. 3a : lacking in warmth, life, or kindliness : grim a bleak prison documentary. b : not hopeful or encouraging : depressing a bleak prognosis a bleak outlook the future looks bleak.

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What does the blundered mean?

to move or act blindly, stupidly, or without direction or steady guidance: Without my glasses I blundered into the wrong room. to make a gross or stupid mistake, especially through carelessness or mental confusion: Just pray that he doesn’t blunder again and get the names wrong.

What does dismayed mean biblically?

dismayed. Dismayed means feeling distress or anxiety, typically at something unexpected. It also means to look around in terror. God is speaking with tenderness here, telling us not to look around as one might do in danger or in a state of alarm. He’s our God.

What does soul shattering mean?

It’s a rather extreme way to define an event or words that seem to completely destroy the spirit of someone. It can be a horrible trauma that leaves the person unable to cope with anything. But the person’s soul doesn’t really shatter. It remains intact – but it just feels like you will never, ever get over something.

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