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What are the girls names in h20?

What are the girls names in h20?

What are the girls names in Mako Mermaids? Sirena, Lyla, and Nixie are three young mermaids from the Mako Island Pod.

How old were Cleo Emma and Rikki on h2o? Three fifteen-year-old girls—Emma Gilbert, Rikki Chadwick, and Cleo Sertori—find themselves stranded out at sea in a dinghy, and drift onto the beaches of Mako Island. Once there, they discover a hidden cavern, and inside it, a deep pool of water, sitting within the cone of a volcano.

Why is Emma not in season 3 of h2o? For season three, Emma is completely absent from the show because Claire Holt was busy filming The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. To explain her absence, the producers decided to let Rikki and Cleo mention that Emma is traveling the world with her family.

What are the girls names in h20? – FAQ

How old is Emma from H2O?

Claire Holt (Emma Gilbert)

The 32-year-old has gone on to appear in Pretty Little Liars, Aquarius and played Rebekah in both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, alongside her mermaid bestie Phoebe Tonkin.

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Who is the redhead in H2O?

Taryn Marler was involved in the third and final season of H2O: Just Add Water, where she played Sophie, a fiery red head who is very involved in her brother, Will’s, success as a free diver. She also causes much grief to the mermaids throughout the season and is viewed primarily as a negative and villainous character.

Is there a H2O movie?

H2O: Just Add Water is a 2023 American animated fantasy-drama film and a revival of the 2004 Australian television series of the same name, produced by DreamWorks Animation after acquiring the rights to the original series in 2018, and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Is Erik A merman?

Description. Erik is a new merman who is introduced as a land boy who recently moved in to town and got a job as a waiter in the cafe. He notices signs of mermaid activity and deduces that Zac, Ondina, Mimmi and Sirena are merpeople after seeing the girls’ moon rings and discretely following the group to Mako.

Do Zac’s parents find out he’s a merman?

Zac was born as a merman to Nerissa and he has a sister called Mimmi. Eventually, Zac finds out that he’s adopted by the people of which he thought that they were his biological parents, that he has a sister and who his real mother is. This was a pretty big shock for him.

Is there a Merman in h2o?

Erik is a Southern merman in Mako: Island of Secrets. He is the main-turned antagonist of Season 2. Originally born from a long line of ancient mermen, Erik was raised on land in a foster family.

Does Cleo’s dad find out she’s a mermaid?

Since her dad doesn’t know about her being a mermaid, he would surely know that she was a non-swimmer. Yet he just resumed his act, ignorant of his daughter having just fallen in deep water. A child looking over the edge caught a glimpse of Cleo as a mermaid, and said so, and Don still didn’t check on Cleo.

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Why Claire Holt left h20?

The show lasted for three seasons, but Holt left after the second because filming for the third season conflicted with a movie that she was doing at the time.

Who does Cleo date in h20?

Cleo and Lewis have got back together and are caught kissing by Emma and Rikki before the full moon. After Charlotte attacks the girls, Lewis warns her about the full moon.

What happened to Lewis in h2o?

After the episode “To Have and To Hold Back” he left the show to film Packed to the Rafters, but returned in the series finale as a guest star.

Is Ash in Season 3 of H2O?

In Season 3, Ash was not mentioned at all. Ash is absent mainly because the actor Craig Horner was busy filming The Legend of the Seeker.

Is Mako Island real?

Mako Island is a fictional island in the two popular television series’ H2O: Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids. It’s located approximately 50 km off the Gold Coast. Mako Island was formed by a comet that crashed into the Earth. One of the shards impacted near Ireland (Eire) forming the Sea Caves of Ireland.

What is Rikki’s last name on H2O?

Rikki Chadwick is one of main characters who became a mermaid in the Australian television series, H2O: Just Add Water.

Did any of the h20 cast date?

Cariba Heine (Rikki Chadwick) and Jamie Timony (Nate) began a relationship during the filming of the series. Indiana Evans (Isabella Hartley) and Angus McLaren (Lewis McCartney) were dating in real life.

Does Charlotte become a mermaid?

She takes a boat and travels to Mako Island, where she goes to the Moon Pool. Charlotte then discovers that Cleo, Emma and Rikki are mermaids, and overhears them mention “the moon”. Charlotte then dives into the water and transforms into a mermaid.

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Does Netflix have H20?

The remainder of H20: Just Add Water was just removed from Netflix but it’s been a long process. The series had been streaming on Netflix for a good while up until three years ago when some of the seasons were removed. Now, in 2020, the series has disappeared entirely from Netflix.

Is H2O Season 4 coming out?

The fourth season of the Australian television series H2O: Just Add Water, commenced airing in on and will consist of 26 episodes. The season continues the story of Cleo, Rikki and Bella, with the return of long-gone Emma and the addition of a new member.

Does Cam get a tail?

Close to the season climax, Cam is once again forced to choose between his desire over a tail and loyalty to his friends when Erik offers him a tail if he helps him get the trident stone needed to start the chamber. He also has completely made amends with his best friend Zac.

Is Erik bad in Mako Mermaids?

Type of Villain

Erik is a merman and the main antagonist of the final episodes of season 2 of Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure. He is the ex-boyfriend of Ondina and a former waiter at Ocean Cafe.

How old is Mimmi?

Mimi was born on , making her 57 at the time of writing. Fans noticed that she is full of energy when spending time with her grandchildren, and questioned how old she actually is.

Do mermaids get sick?

Mermaids who stay in the sea don’t get sick. The Moon Ring can be used to help heal a mermaid from certain injuries or traumas.

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