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What does conducive to mean?

What does conducive to mean? : tending to promote or assist an atmosphere conducive to education.

What does not conducive to life mean? Adjective. Tending to obstruct or harm. inimical. hostile. adverse.

What is conducive behavior? Middle School Level. adjective. tending to produce; contributive; helpful; favorable (usually followed by to): Good eating habits are conducive to good health.

What does conducive mean synonym? favourable, beneficial, valuable, advantageous, opportune, propitious, encouraging, promising, convenient. contribute to, lead to, tend to promote, make for, facilitate, favour, aid, assist, help, benefit, encourage.

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What does conducive to mean? – FAQ

What is the better word for good?

acceptable, excellent, exceptional, favorable, great, marvelous, positive, satisfactory, satisfying, superb, valuable, wonderful, honest, respectable, able, efficient, proper, reliable, suitable, talented.

Can a person be conducive?

Conducive means tending to cause or produce something. Regular exercise is conducive to happiness and a feeling of well-being. This adjective is usually followed by the preposition to, and it refers to bringing about something favorable or helpful: A positive attitude is conducive to good health.

What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?

What kind of classroom is conducive to learning? A classroom which is conducive for learning is well- lighted and well-ventilated and has the proper sanitation. It should also be a non-threatening classroom wherein the pupils feel that they are accepted, they are not alone and nothing is to fear about.

What does the word conductor mean in science?

d(1) : a material or object that permits an electric current to flow easily Copper wire is a good conductor. — compare insulator, semiconductor. (2) : a material capable of transmitting another form of energy (such as heat or sound) Aluminum is a conductor of heat.

What is conducive workplace?

A conducive working environment is more than just ensuring a comfortable physical space; it is also about creating the ‘heartware’. Aim to strengthen office ties not just among employees, but between managers and employees.

What is the noun of conducive?

conduciveness. The state, quality, or condition of being conducive.

What’s the opposite of conductive?

conductiveadjective. having the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound; exhibiting conductivity. Antonyms: non-conducting, nonconductive, nonconducting.

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What is the meaning of conducive learning environment?

1. A setting which allows for a free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills among the teachers and learners to achieve the expected educational goals by considering the physical, psychological, social, and cultural needs of all the learners.

What’s another way to say like never before?

without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled: an unprecedented event.

What is it called when someone is really good at something?

adept. noun. someone who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about something.

What upstanding means?

Definition of upstanding

1 : erect, upright. 2 : marked by integrity an upstanding businessman.

What do you call someone who is good in English?

Synonyms for well-spoken. articulate, eloquent, fluent, silver-tongued.

Is conducive learning environment noise free?

In a way, yes, a conducive learning environment can be considered noise-free, since as the name suggests, conducive environments are free from any form of intimidation and frustration, therefore enabling an exchange of ideas without any obstructions.

How can a teacher create a conducive learning environment for learners?

Get to know some personal things about each student. Conduct a values analysis discussion about some current event or topic. Provide positive comments when appropriate. Be positive and enthusiastic when teaching.

What is conductor short answer?

In physics and electrical engineering, a conductor is an object or type of material that allows the flow of charge (electric current) in one or more directions. Materials made of metal are common electrical conductors.

What is the definition of conductors and insulators give three 3 different materials that are electrical conductors and insulators?

Conductors conduct electrical current very easily because of their free electrons. Insulators oppose electrical current and make poor conductors. Some common conductors are copper, aluminum, gold, and silver. Some common insulators are glass, air, plastic, rubber, and wood.

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What is meant by insulator in physics?

insulator, any of various substances that block or retard the flow of electrical or thermal currents.

How will you ensure your workplace conducive for working?

Air quality, temperature, noise levels and availability of natural light all contribute to a comfortable working environment. A comfortable workspace, in turn, influences productivity, according to workers polled by Future Workplace and View Inc.

What does conductive to learning mean?

: making it easy, possible, or likely for something to happen or exist — + to. The school tries to create an atmosphere (that is) conducive to learning. [=an atmosphere that makes learning easier]

What should an environment have in order to be conducive for living?

To create a good living space conducive for well-being, some intangible elements must be addressed, these include; weather (wind and sunshine), belief system, culture and emotional and spiritual intelligence.

What is conductivity of a material?

Conductivity. Conductivity is the measure of the ease at which an electric charge or heat can pass through a material. A conductor is a material which gives very little resistance to the flow of an electric current or thermal energy. Some materials like metals allow heat to travel through them quite quickly.

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