What was the sequel to Uptown Saturday Night?

What was the sequel to Uptown Saturday Night? Let’s Do It Again (1975) was written by Richard Wesley and directed by Sir Sidney Poitier. The first sequel to Uptown Saturday Night features Poitier and Cosby again on the same screen as Clyde Williams (Poitier) and Billy Foster (Cosby).

How old was John Amos in Let’s Do It Again? Although cast as a hard-working middle-aged father of three, Amos was 34 when the show began production in 1973, only eight years older than the actor who played his oldest son (Jimmie Walker) and 19 years younger than his screen wife (Esther Rolle).

Is Kevin Hart still making Uptown Saturday Night? Filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa has been announced as the director of Uptown Saturday Night remake. Actor-comedian Kevin Hart will headline the project, which hails from Warner Bros stable, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Actor Will Smith and his Overbrook Entertainment partner James Lassiter are producing.

Where was the movie Uptown Saturday Night filmed at? According to that news item and production charts, the picture was filmed at M-G-M Studios. A Dec 1973 DV news item states that additional filming was done at Paramount Studios and at various Los Angeles locations, with pre-production filming done in Chicago.

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What was the sequel to Uptown Saturday Night? – FAQ

Why did Esther Rolle leave Good Times?

Esther Rolle left the show after the fourth season because she considered J.J. a bad role model for young blacks. She did, however, return in the beginning of the sixth and final season after the producers guaranteed that they would make J.J. more respectable.

What was the name of the club in Uptown Saturday Night?

Plot. While enjoying themselves at Madame Zenobia’s club on Saturday night, Steve Jackson and Wardell Franklin are held up by robbers who raid the club and steal Steve’s wallet.

Who played big Percy in Uptown Saturday?

Uptown Saturday Night (1974) – George Reynolds as Big Percy – IMDb.

Who played Geechie Dan Beauford?

Uptown Saturday Night (1974) – Harry Belafonte as Geechie Dan Beauford – IMDb.

Who played Silky Slim in Uptown Saturday Night?

Girls Trip’s Malcolm D. Lee will direct Kevin Hart in Uptown Saturday Night remake. “Never have so few owed so much to so many,” declared Silky Slim, the top gangster in the Geechie Dan, played by Calvin Lockhart in the 1974 crime comedy Uptown Saturday Night.

How old is the actor Sidney Poitier?

The trailblazing actor and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient turns 94 on Feb. 20. He has had dozens of film and TV roles, worked as a director and was the Bahamian ambassador to Japan.

How many bedrooms did the Evans family have on Good Times?

Michael Evans : One question asked “a mother, father and two children live in a residence with 5 bedrooms. The mother and father sleep in one bed and the two children each have their own bedroom.

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Did John Amos and Jimmie Walker get along?

Jimmie Walker said John Amos and Esther Rolle were not his ‘friends’ Jimmie Walker, the actor who portrayed the hugely popular character J.J. Evans on the show, told the Television Academy Foundation (via YouTube) that he and the comedy’s two top-billed actors had absolutely no relationship.

Who was Jimmie Walker married to?

According to an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on , Walker stated he has never been married nor fathered children, but has had many girlfriends.

What middle school did Kevin Hart go to?

No doubt, yesterday’s visits to Hartranft, Stearne, Overbrook Elementary and Tilden Middle School were all about the comic giving back to his hometown.

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