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Why we prefer mercury to be used in thermometer give five reasons?

Why we prefer mercury to be used in thermometer give five reasons?

Why do we prefer mercury in thermometers? Mercury is the only metal that is in liquid state at room temperature. It is used in thermometers because it has a high coefficient of expansion which makes it easy to move in the thermometers as per the temperatures. Mercury has a boiling point which makes it suitable to measure higher temperatures.

Why is mercury used as thermometer liquid give three reasons? Mercury is used as a thermometric liquid because: It has a lower freezing point (-39°C) and a high boiling point (35°C). It is shiny liquid metal, hence can be easily seen through the glass of the thermometer tube. It has a fairly large expansion for a small change in temperature.

Why is mercury used in thermometer Class 7? We use mercury in thermometers because most metals are good conductor of heat and mercury is the only metal in liquid state. It expands as per temperature and has high coefficient of expansion.

Why we prefer mercury to be used in thermometer give five reasons? – FAQ

Why is mercury used in thermometers instead of alcohol?

There is a technical reason for using mercury in clinical thermometers. Mercury has a greater coefficient of thermal expansion than alcohol. This means a column of mercury will expand and rise more than a column of alcohol for the same temperature change. As a result, you can get finer readings with mercury.

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What type of mercury is used in thermometers?

Elemental or metallic mercury is used in mercury thermometers and (in combination with silver and other metals) in dental amalgam. In China, dental amalgam was used to fill teeth over 1000 years ago (cited in Drexler 1998). Inorganic mercury, e.g. mercury chloride, has been used as a disinfectant.

How does mercury react to temperatures inside a thermometer?

It reacts as temperature increases by expanding to a predictable amount; this property made it useful in thermometers until they were phased out in favor of less toxic alternatives. Mercury occurs in deposits throughout the world mostly as cinnabar (mercuric sulfide).

Does laboratory thermometer have mercury?

Laboratory thermometers

A laboratory thermometer has a long stem with a silver bulb at the end. The silver color in the bulb usually means there is mercury in it. Mercury becomes bigger as the temperature becomes hotter. But mercury is a poison to humans.

Why do we use mercury?

Although many liquids could be used in pressure measuring devices, mercury is used because its high density requires less space. It is also a good conductor of electricity, so it is a useful component of electrical switches. Mercury is also used in dental fillings, paints, soaps, batteries, and fluorescent lighting.

Why is mercury used in sphygmomanometer?

Mercury has a specific gravity of about 13.6, i.e. it is 13.6 times denser as compared to water and thus a comparable water column will require 13.6 times the height (as compared to mercury column). Hence mercury is used as a standard fluid in blood measurement and other pressure measurement devices. Hope this helps.

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Why is mercury used instead of water?

Mercury has a very higher density than water which means we need a small length of the column to measure the pressure.

When was mercury used in thermometers?

The application of mercury (1714) and Fahrenheit scale (1724) for liquid-in-glass thermometers ushered in a new era of accuracy and precision in thermometry, and in 1966 was regarded as one of the most accurate thermometers available.

Does digital thermometer have mercury?

Explanation: Thermometers that check body temperature in the ear, across the forehead, or have a digital display do not contain mercury. The EPA recommends the use of mercury-free thermometers but it does not endorse any specific brand and suggests choosing a thermometer that is easy to use and read.

Which of the thermometer do not have mercury?

Answer: Digital Thermometer are available which do not use mercury.

What is thermometer used for?

A thermometer is a device used for measuring temperature. This ice-covered thermometer shows that the temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are 3 uses for mercury?

Mercury is used in laboratories for making thermometers, barometers, diffusion pumps, and many other instruments. It is used for mercury switches and other electrical apparatus. It is used as an electrode in some types of electrolysis and for making batteries (mercury cells).

How much mercury is in a thermometer?

A typical mercury thermometer contains approximately 0.7 grams of mercury (700 milligrams), but larger thermometers can contain as much as three grams. Both short term and long term exposure to mercury can cause serious health problems for humans and wildlife.

How much mercury is used in sphygmomanometer?

a desk mounted sphygmomanometer (used to monitor blood pressure) containing about 85 g of mercury. a barometer that may contain up to 160 g of mercury.

Is blood pressure mercury?

This quirk of medical history gives us the modern measurement unit for blood pressure: millimetres of mercury (mmHg). A blood pressure measurement of 140 mmHg literally means that the pressure will push up a column of liquid mercury 14 centimetres.

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Why mercury is used in barometer Class 11?

In the barometer mercury is used as the barometric liquid. Mercury has many advantages when used as a measuring liquid in a barometer tube. Mercury has high density. Because of this property, when there is a change in pressure the change in height of the mercury in the barometer tube will be very reasonable.

Why is water not used in thermometer?

Water is not able to be used as a thermometer liquid because of its higher freezing point and lower boiling point than the other liquids in general. This range is very negligible as compared to other liquids like mercury which has a freezing point of about −39∘C and boiling point 356∘C.

Are mercury thermometers safe?

The small silvery ball in a mercury thermometer can be dangerous if the glass breaks and the mercury is not cleaned up properly. The mercury will evaporate and can contaminate the surrounding air and become toxic to humans and wildlife.

What do you do with mercury?

Until you can get rid of mercury, store it safely.

Put the items that contains mercury in a zipper top bag and seal the bag. Place the sealed bag in a plastic container with a lid. Pack the container with kitty litter or newspapers to prevent breakage. Make sure the container is labeled “Mercury: Do Not Touch.”

Is mercury thermometer the most accurate?

Friend: Of course, a mercury thermometer is more accurate. Hospitals use mercury ones. When used correctly, the digital thermometer is accurate enough to meet daily needs and safer than the mercury thermometer.

Do modern thermometers use mercury?

The oldest thermometers used are mercury in glass. Newer thermometers include non-mercury liquids in glass and digital and electronic devices that use sensors to measure temperature. Thermometers that check body temperature in the ear, across the forehead, or have a digital display do not contain mercury.

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